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Do you want to improve the relationship between your directors...get them all on the same page?

Do you want to win more profitable jobs?

Do you want to create a successful succession solution?

Do you want to balance work and family hours?

Do you want to attract and retain great colleagues?

Do you want to run a successful strategic planning retreat?

Do you want to create a senior management team?

Do they need financial management training?

Do you need and independent director on your advisory board?

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"Leadership for Profitable Advisory Business" workshop, 5/6 August, 2020.

For accountants, architects, business advisors, engineers, IT consultants, surveyors, town planners etc
What is your companies' answer to these questions?
*business development direction (vision)?
*business focus and purpose?
*business values for positive internal culture?
*three things to nail this quarter (strategic initiatives)?
*making sure we do it (our "pattern of meetings")?
*building a Senior Management Team to improve innovation?
*understanding financial performance and budgeting and target setting?
*developing better leadership skills?
*crafting succession solutions that will work for you?
*managing direct reports effectively?
*delivering better feedback and discipline?
Bring your senior team members and work together on refreshing your business improvement plans.
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We can run this program for you as a planning retreat too.


Jul 09

Scaling Up skills for accountants to help their clients.

Posted by Andrew Geddes at Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Learn new business improvement skills from our Scaling Up Masterclass workshops scheduled for Brisbane August 21-22, Adelaide Sept 4-5' Sydney October 9-10.

Bring two clients and come for free.

Learn these skills as you work with your clients on thier business.

1. Goal setting with clients including business development direction and vision

2. Sales and marketing analysis to identify profitable customer types

3. Building your Senior Leadership Team

4. Setting three key strategic initiatives we have to nail this quarter and Project Groups to drive them

5. Creating a "pattern of meetings" to ensure communication and engagement throughout your business

6. Planning cash needs and managing cash flows including capital raisings

7. Planning your leadership improvement for 2019/20

Check this video on Scaling Up skills for accountants now.

clicking here.

Download a detailed brochure from our home page.


Jun 05

Which trends will impact your business in 2020?

Posted by Andrew Geddes at Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Which trends will impact your business

the most in 2019? 

We just attended a Harry Dent seminar in Adelaide to learn what demographic based trends he reckons will impact business in Australia.

Is your senior leadership team ready to manage and lead your business through these predicted changes?

Here's a summary of Harry's research and predictions...

Two factors drive economic health more than anything else...consumer demand and urbanisation. 

The continuing urbanisation of SE Asia and India will help Australia's economy through the 2020's.

Australia and NZ have immigration to thank for a higher percentage of Millenials in their populations than say Japan where growth has been stalled for decades. We will do better into the future than them re growth because of better consumer demand from young people having families.

Short term pain will occur later in 2019 when both housing price and share price bubbles burst both here and in the USA.

China's economy is not sustainable with it's present focus on building apartments in which no-one lives!!! Hence the switch to the Belt and Road focus.

There will be another major technology influenced change over the next ten years...biomedicine and AI will drive this.

Over-priced assets (shares and real estate) will have a correction as governments and central banks try to manage debt into the future. This will cause economic chaos in the short term...are you ready for the worst? Will your business survive several years of reduced demand? Have you done a risk review of this possibility? Do you have various cost reduction strategies planned and cash reserves ready? 

Is your Senior Leadership Team ready?

Spending two days away from the hurley burley of daily activities reviewing options and planning actions might be your saving grace!!!!

Join us at our "Leadership for profitable advisory business" workshop May 16/17 and plan several responses to different market conditions. Bring your SLT members. Get recession ready because the bubbles will burst according to Harry then pick up again 2023 onwards.

Click here for details... www.andrewgeddes.com.au

Sep 26

Crowd Sourced Funding opportunities for accountants.

Posted by Andrew Geddes at Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Legislation passed the Senate on Sept 12 allowing small companies (less than $25m in assets/revenues) to raise up to $5m in capital annually from up to 50 existing shareholders, unlimited employee shareholders and unlimited Crowd Sourced Funding (CSF) shareholders. It will be operational on Oct 15th. Register for a free webinar on the details here... 

·         Crowd-Sourced Funding Webinar (click here)

There is a need for your clients to understand the role of Crowd Sourced Funding Intermediaries and the process through to the preparation of the Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document. All CSF raisings need to go through one of the approved intermediaries.

This work will probably involve preparation of...

  • Business Plan
  • Budget/Cashflow Forecast for 3 years
  • Company Valuation
  • Share Price Determination
  • Assisting clients in negotiations with Crowd Sourced Funding Intermediaries
  • Crowd Sourced Funding Offer Document
  • Preparing a system for the ongoing compliance with the Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Private Company Reporting Requirements

Some clients may also be interested in engaging your accountancy firm to supply a virtual Chief Financial Officer Service.

This potential work represents a significant a significant amount of professional fee income.

Why not prepare a client matrix identifying clients that?

  • have group annual turnover under $25 million.
  • have group gross assets valued at under $25 million.
  • are interested in:

-       expanding their business

-       acquiring other businesses

-       paying off debt

-       doing something audacious that makes business sense!

  • have the energy and ambition to operate a larger business and will respond to the extra discipline required to operate a “de facto public company”.
Which of your clients may need assistance?

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