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Research says "Self-focussed CEO's kill profits!!!"

Posted by Andrew Geddes at Wednesday, September 23, 2015

(Fred Kiel Return on Character Harvard Business Review Press or watch his TEDx talk “Psychopaths in the C-suite at

My 35 years of assisting managing directors and sitting on boards agrees!!!

Leadership of your business involves creating a team of people (we refer to this group as the Senior Management Team… SMT hereafter) whose job is to implement actions to improve your business.

The first step involves communicating an exciting future where we all work together to build a business in which it is fun to work, challenging personally, and rewarding to be part of (vision, focus and values).

The second step is to set goals (financial budgets and improvement initiatives) and to allocate responsibilities within the SMT.

The third step is then to design a “pattern of meetings” which creates a focus and work habit (culture of accountability) throughout the business.

Stuff then gets done!

Leaders can then continue to improve their interpersonal skills so that the SMT becomes even more effective over time and consolidates the whole business.

These so called “soft skills” are not taught…they must be honed through direct experience!

We can help you with this process if you are open to learn.

In fact, we know becoming a better listener and humbly serving your team is the start to growing trust and becoming a better leader.

Just being a highly experienced technician does not create a motivated SMT and ultimately restricts  your business performance (watch Fred Kiel’s TEDx please).

So take the Leadership Test!!!!

Click this link to download our Leadership Assessment Tool.

Do this with your SMT colleagues.

Then come to our “Leadership for Profitable Business” workshop with your SMT on November 19/20 in Brisbane (click here for a brochure).

It could be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Research says positive leadership and resulting culture create profitable business long term.

My 35 years board and coaching experience  backs this. 

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