Building a Senior Leadership Team (for your ultimate succession)

Are your team members under the hammer? Are they working really hard and long hours? Are you concerned some of them might leave if the pressure can't be released?
Here's what some of our clients have done recently to deal with this challenge...they invited their most critical team members to a facilitated day with us.
We asked what can company leaders do more of for you?
What should they do less of?
How do our customers judge real value?
Can we deliver more of this?
What's standing in our way?
What do we want to look like in 3 to 5 years?
What should our focus be to deliver more value to our customers?
What values should govern behaviour here?
What meetings work well? Why?
Do we need to change our pattern of meetings?
Would you like to be equity owners?
How might this happen? 
CEO Warwick Neutze of Enterprise Recruitment NZ said "We organised Andrew to come and facilitate a day with our senior management group in Auckland...I would recommend this to any business that values leadership and wants to grow their capability".
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