Business coaching and consulting

Do you need an experienced “sounding board” to give you greater confidence in your planning and decision making?

Do you need help to run your firm’s strategic planning retreat?

Do you need a key note speaker for your firm’s conference?

Do you need an independent external chairman?

Do you need help with planning and managing succession in your firm?

Do you need help creating a digital marketing plan?

"I have worked with hundreds of firms over the years helping them achieve better results. I have served on national boards and listed company boards. I have been the chairman of one of Australia’s fastest growing small cap companies that now is in the top 200 ASX companies on the Australian stock exchange. You can profit from this experience."

Andrew Geddes…specialist director

"I have worked as an external CFO and business coach in several large manufacturing engineering companies over the last 10 years. We have improved margins and profits, improved cash flow, retired and bought out senior partners, and created management teams to lead further innovation and succession solutions in these companies. You can profit from this experience too!"

Robert Drum…external CFO and business coach

"I have profiled behavioural and leadership styles in executive teams and assisted them in creating improved teamwork and productivity. You can profit from this experience too!"

Josephine Manjaji…executive health specialist (especially hearing)

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