How do you create a business that can cope with change?

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How do you create a business that can cope with all the current changes going on?

The internet and consumer usage is driving changes in all industry sectors as new ways of meeting customer demand are created and service delivery is evaluated and comments posted daily!!!

Employees want different working conditions and engagement and meaning in their work.

Older business owners want a succession solution.

Competition keeps evolving new ways of delighting customers.

Governments keep changing their rules and red tape.

Nothing is constant…change is the new norm.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done in your business the way you’ve always done it, someone will invent a quicker, easier approach and steal your customers.

So you need to change your internal culture to one focused on innovation.

Have a daily 15 minute stand up huddle with your customer facing team members.

Ask them “What delighted a customer this week? How can we do more of that? What help do you need from me?”.

Ask them “What annoyed a customer this week? Why? How do we avoid that next time? What help do you need from me?”.

Then drive these insights into your weekly Senior Management Team operations meetings and constantly change your processes, services and products. Change your marketing communications?

Both the messages about the outcomes your customers like and the methods of communicating this.

This daily download with front line staff and creation of solutions with your SMT will drive innovation in your business.

Change will become exciting and not feared by your team members.

Then set a Big Exciting Audacious Goal with your SMT like dominating your market and creating the best product and service delivery in your industry sector within 5 years.

Clearly define and articulate your focus and purpose in terms of customer outcomes they want.

Set clearly understood core values that govern acceptable behaviour in your business.

Identify the three things your SMT have to nail this quarter (new digital eNews about customer outcomes they value; new point of sale stock management system; new added value service promise).

The set daily huddles with front line staff, weekly operation improvement meetings with your SMT, and monthly board review of implementation of the three things we must nail this quarter and make sure you drive these habits and communications consistently.

Then you’ll lead your business to new and better ways of pleasing your customers.

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Fond regards.
Andrew Geddes
6th February, 2017

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