Scaling Up skills for accountants to help their clients.

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Learn new business improvement skills from our Scaling Up Masterclass workshops scheduled for:
Brisbane – August 21-22,
Adelaide – Sept 4-5,
Sydney – October 9-10.

Bring two clients and come for free.

Learn these skills as you work with your clients on their business.

  1. Goal setting with clients including business development direction and vision
  2. Sales and marketing analysis to identify profitable customer types
  3. Building your Senior Leadership Team
  4. Setting three key strategic initiatives we have to nail this quarter and Project Groups to drive them
  5. Creating a “pattern of meetings” to ensure communication and engagement throughout your business
  6. Planning cash needs and managing cash flows including capital raising
  7. Planning your leadership improvement for 2019/20

Check this video on Scaling Up skills for accountants now.

Download a detailed brochure from our home page.

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