Improving a professional service firm is difficult to do on your own.

Involving team members in defining development direction (vision) and purpose (outcomes for clients) gives them ownership of their work.

Documenting core vales with them helps define preferred behaviours and attitudes and shapes your business culture.

Asking them to work on business improvement project groups lifts performance and teamwork to new levels.

Inviting them to contribute to your firm’s reputation and visibility in your market places grows their expertise, professionalism and confidence.

This collaborative involvement grows creativity and innovation…keys to a successful future business.


Our history and why we do what we do

We believe in revolutionising financial performance in firms.

We do this by teaching what you don’t learn at university…

  • How to attract and retain a highly productive team of professionals
  • How to build a senior leadership group who can scale up profitable growth
  • How to plan and implement actions to improve performance
  • How to win and manage profitable jobs
  • How to plan for and manage your eventual firm exit/legacy