We can run education sessions on understanding financial performance, cash flow management and job pricing using actual results from your company so the learning is real.

  • Do your job captains understand their financial production costs (labour, overheads and margins)?
  • Do they use value pricing in preparing job proposals?
  • Do they manage working capital (WIP, debtors and materials) well?
  • Is cash king in your firm?

We can review your governance methods and help you improve allocation of responsibilities among members of your senior leadership team, conduct meetings more effectively and establish governance methods that improve communication throughout your whole firm.


Our history and why we do what we do

We believe in revolutionising financial performance in firms.

We do this by teaching what you don’t learn at university…

  • How to attract and retain a highly productive team of professionals
  • How to build a senior leadership group who can scale up profitable growth
  • How to plan and implement actions to improve performance
  • How to win and manage profitable jobs
  • How to plan for and manage your eventual firm exit/legacy