Creating a Senior Leadership Team and involving colleagues in business planning, budgeting and reviewing financial performance equips them with the experience and confidence to buy equity.

  • When are you going to retire?
  • Do you wish to sell your equity then?
  • Who will buy it?
  • When will your fellow directors retire?

If they have not sat at the board table, they will not be willing to buy equity.

If they do not understand how firms are valued and financed, they will not be willing to buy equity.

We can help you introduce these concepts to your senior management team members and educate them about contempory approaches to succession management.


Our history and why we do what we do

We believe in revolutionising financial performance in firms.

We do this by teaching what you don’t learn at university…

  • How to attract and retain a highly productive team of professionals
  • How to build a senior leadership group who can scale up profitable growth
  • How to plan and implement actions to improve performance
  • How to win and manage profitable jobs
  • How to plan for and manage your eventual firm exit/legacy